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Bellingham Teeth Cleaning

An important part of keeping your teeth white and healthy is to have them regularly cleaned by a professional dentist. Plaque and tartar build up, food getting caught in places that are hard to reach with floss or a toothbrush, and a host of other problems can occur and cause problems – if left uncorrected. Dr. Bult is fully certified and possesses years of experience in preventative dentistry. Her refined teeth-cleaning procedure will thoroughly clean areas that are impossible to reach or properly cleanse with floss or a toothbrush. This specialized procedure allows us to clean, polish, and rinse your teeth and remove the buildup of plaque and tartar that accumulates over time. After cleaning your teeth, Dr. Bult will evaluate your dental health to diagnose any current oral health issues and prevent also prevent the occurrence of any future problems.


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Dr. Bult has been offering excellent dental care to the city of Bellingham for many years. She and her staff share a passion for healthy and bright smiles, and have helped the residents of Bellingham recapture an awesome smile once again! Contact our office in Bellingham to schedule an appointment with us! Learn for yourself why the residents of Bellingham have chosen our superior dental care for many years!

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