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Bellingham Teeth Whitening

A smile can get you almost anywhere, when it is genuine and bright. An important interview can hinge upon something as simple as a smile, and studies have shown that a smile can make you appear more attractive as a person. Unfortunately, life’s circumstances are often unkind to our teeth, causing us to exchange a bright, teeth-showing smile for a tight-lipped, close-mouthed one that hides our teeth. Dr. Faith Bult, in her office in Bellingham WA, offers the most advanced teeth whitening system available! Zoom Whitening, as seen on television’s “Extreme Makeover”, is a safe and effective way of giving you a whiter, more vibrant smile in about an hour. Using a fluoride treatment and a specialized light-activated gel, your teeth can become up to six shades whiter in only a short time. Dr. Bult has also underwent teeth whitening using the Zoom Whitening system, and she loved the results!


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Dr. Faith Bult has served the dental needs of Bellingham for many years, and the residents of Bellingham have learned that she will always deliver excellent dental service in a comfortable and friendly environment. Her staff strives to create a pleasant atmosphere within her office in Bellingham, and Dr. Faith heartily encourages a fun, yet professional environment for her patients. Contact her office in Bellingham WA to see why her Bellingham patients have continued to choose her again and again over the years.

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