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Bellingham Dental Implants

Many people suffer from tooth loss for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, advancements in dental technology allow Dr. Bult to offer dental implants that are as strong and durable as your previous teeth. Highly trained professionals and experts staff our office, located in Bellingham, and experts that offer dental implant services that are superior to any other service providers. Our dental implant procedure is designed to create a strong, healthy bond between the implant and your bone; the implant will anchor to your bone, then naturally fuse with it and develop a strong bond. Our implant procedure also allows the implant to help prevent bone loss and look just like your regular tooth. We use only top-quality materials, ensuring that your implants will last for a lifetime. Our implants do not decay, and feel and look like a real tooth! We are able to perform implants for one or multiple teeth, depending on your needs. Dr. Bult and her staff will ensure you receive excellent care, and wear a smile during and after your visit! Contact us today at our office in Bellingham to schedule a consultation!


We Will Help You Be Proud Of Your Smile

Dr. Bult, located in Bellingham WA, has been offering excellent dental care to the residents of Bellingham for many years. She and her staff are fully certified professionals and experts in the dental field, and possess many years of experience helping Bellingham residents be proud of their smile once again! Contact Dr. Bult at her office in Bellingham to learn why the residents of Bellingham have chosen her for so many years!

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