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Bellingham Botox & Dermal Fillers

While Dr. Bult’s office focuses primarily on dental issues involving your teeth, we also offer Botox and dermal filling services to our patients too. We won’t just improve your smile, but your overall facial appearance as well. Although it may seem odd for a dentist to offer these specialized cosmetic services, there are many similarities, and even benefits, of having a dentist perform these cosmetic procedures, as opposed to a regular doctor.

  • Use of Needles – dentists use needles every day to give injections
  • Career’s Focus – a dentist’s entire career is centered on the anatomy of the head and neck, and the general appearance of the face (not just the teeth)
  • Personal Involvement – when a dentist conducts your cosmetic procedure, they will do it herself (not simply delegate it to an RN), ensuring your care is excellent
  • Patient’s Comfort – dentists is able to numb areas of treatment and provide nitrous oxide for your comfort

Dr. Bult is fully licensed and possesses years of experience in administering Botox, Juvederm, and Raidesse. If you would like to learn more about how these products can help you, contact us at our Bellingham office today for a consultation.


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Dr. Faith Bult, located in Bellingham WA, has offered excellent dental care to the residents of Bellingham for many years. She and her staff share a passion for helping their patients to be proud of their smiles once again. Dr. Bult and her staff are fully licensed professionals that, though offering a wide range of dental services to the residents of Bellingham, specialize in advanced esthetic dentistry, children’s dentistry, and implant dentistry. They have established a reputation of excellence in Bellingham through many years of upholding a superior standard of quality care in their office in Bellingham. Contact their office in Bellingham today to schedule a consultation!

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